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Got a warrant? Here’s what to do.

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Having a warrant of arrest can be a very stressful experience. The three most common reasons a warrant might be out for your arrest are: 1) There is a new charge serious enough for a warrant to be issued for your arrest, 2) You were on probation and your probationary judge issues a warrant alleging … Read more

How Does the Maryland Sex Offender Registry Work?

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Sex offenses are some of the most serious charges that someone can face in Maryland. This is generally because, unlike other kinds of charges, there are often consequences outside of jail to consider. We can help navigate these circumstances to ensure the best possible outcome if you are charged with a sex offense. If you … Read more

How do charges affect a security clearance?

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Given our location close to many federal government facilities, we have many clients who hold or are applying for some kind of national security clearance. We’ve represented many active duty and civilian members of the United States Armed Forces. Criminal charges can result in action being taken against your clearance and the loss of your … Read more

How Does Bond Work in Maryland?

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When you are arrested for a crime in Maryland (meaning either a police officer put handcuffs on you or you were arrested on a warrant), you will be seen by a District Court Commissioner a few hours after being arrested. If you are charged via a summons, a police officer will serve you a copy … Read more

What’s the Difference Between District Court and Circuit Court in Maryland?

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There are two different court systems for criminal cases in Maryland – District Court and Circuit Court. Generally, District Court hears misdemeanor cases and Circuit Court hears felony cases. There are some technicalities that make things more complicated, but the misdemeanor/felony distinction is a good starting point. District Court cases are heard by a single … Read more

Why is my license suspended in Maryland?

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Driving on a suspended license is a serious traffic charge that can carry jail time. There are many different reasons why your license can be suspended. Although the charge sounds simple, it usually requires navigating both the criminal justice system and the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). We can help you navigate both of these systems … Read more

Maryland Expungement Process

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Expungement is a powerful tool to clean up or remove information from public records about criminal charges or, in some circumstances, convictions. Under Maryland law, an employer or educational institution may not require you to disclose information about an expunged case. Expunged information cannot be used against you in further court cases. Your case is … Read more