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How Does the Maryland Sex Offender Registry Work?

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Sex offenses are some of the most serious charges that someone can face in Maryland. This is generally because, unlike other kinds of charges, there are often consequences outside of jail to consider. We can help navigate these circumstances to ensure the best possible outcome if you are charged with a sex offense.

If you are charged with a sex offense, getting a lawyer early is very important. Investigating the witnesses accusing you and any defense evidence should be done as early as possible. If a warrant is issued for you, one of the first hearings you will have is a bail review in front of a judge. Having a lawyer that has already investigated the case gives you the best possible chance of getting a bail that you can afford to post.

The biggest difference between sex offenses and other serious charges is that most of them carry the possibility of being on the sex offender registry if you are convicted of the offense. The sex offender registry is public and can be required from 15 years to life, depending on the charge. There are even some misdemeanors that carry the possibility of the sex offender registry if you are convicted. If ordered to be on the registry it can affect your life in many ways: from controlling where you live and work to exposing you to additional penalties if you do not keep up with the requirements. We can help you determine if you are charged with something that carries the possibility of the registry and fight for the best possible resolution. This includes, in some cases, negotiating a deal where the registry is off the table.


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