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5 Tips for Preparing for Your Strategy Session With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You never thought it could happen to you, but here you are with a criminal accusation against you. Whether you are innocent or not, can be a very emotional time. Having proper representation is crucial for managing your case and staying ahead of things. As an expert, criminal defense attorneys know what to expect and how to strategize for the best possible outcome. 

When there is an accusation of a crime, a public defender may be appointed to you if you qualify. Otherwise, it is up to you to select the right attorney to defend you. The first thing you need to do as soon as there are criminal charges leveled against you is to find an attorney with experience in your type of case. 

Once you have a retainer on record with an attorney, they will proceed with strategy sessions for your defense. In this article, we will discuss tips for preparing for your strategy session. 

Preparing For Your Strategy Session

One or more strategy sessions may take place over some time to build your defense. But how does the attorney build your defense, and what can you do to help them? They will not develop an appropriate defense without you and everything you can offer to support yourself. 

You are the best advocate for yourself, but the attorney is the best advocate for you. Together you need to work as a team. This process can be a long one, so be sure to choose an attorney you can spend time with and who you believe is looking out for your best interest.

Tip #1: Documentation

Depending on the nature of the charges, keep all documentation you may have. No receipt, photo, or video is insignificant. Keep copies of any documents from the Court, such as the statement of probable cause, and any documents from any investigators, like search warrants.  Let the defense counsel decide what is relevant and what is not. 

This documentation file should also include any information throughout the entire process of your defense. 

Tip #2: Witness Information 

If there are any possible witnesses that could be beneficial to your case, it’s important that your lawyer know about them as soon as possible. Witnesses can move, change their phone numbers, or be difficult to locate months later. It’s important that your lawyer be able to speak to those witnesses right away.

Make sure you know the full legal names of any relevant witnesses. A good phone number and address are critical, as well. 

Tip #3: Interview Sessions

Your attorney will be spending time with you to prepare for your defense. These interviews may be in one sitting or over time. They will have many questions, and it is your job to answer them fully and with complete honesty. Your attorney cannot defend you to the best of their ability if they only receive half the information they need or worse yet, incorrect information. 

Be sure to present all information available to you during these interviews. For example, if you do assert that someone assaulted you, be prepared to indicate if you attacked them first, after, or at another time. All of these details will be pertinent and will be important to branching strategies at important points in your defense.

Tip #4: Investigation And Evidence

The police or other agencies will conduct their investigation, but your attorney also will investigate. Your attorney will need to gather any investigation documentation and evidence that you may not be privy to on your own to prepare your defense. Your attorney will also have access to information the prosecution has in order to prepare your defense. This includes filing a motion to suppress any evidence that may have been unlawfully obtained during the investigation, ensuring a fair trial.

This investigation or acquisition of evidence will likely provide more than what you can provide. For example, if you resigned from an employer for some sort of misconduct allegation, you probably left your position immediately. As a result, you were unable to gather any documentation or evidence to prepare for your defense. However, the prosecution would have this evidence and is required to share it with the defense counsel. 

Tip #5: Your Questions

You will likely have many questions throughout this process. Keep notes of all your questions, and be prepared to ask them at your counsel sessions. Be sure to write your questions down and take down the answers so you can review them whenever you need to. 

Getting The Best Defense For You

Being accused of a crime is an undoubtedly difficult time – you need to move fast to find and hire a qualified criminal attorney. The nature of the crime is vital in that selection process, so ensure that you find an attorney with the experience and appropriate qualifications for the charge you’re facing.

Jeremy Widder Law is a Maryland-based legal firm specializing in protective orders and minor offenses, substance-related offenses, property crimes and non-violent felonies, and significant offenses and violent felonies.

Dealing with legal troubles can feel overwhelming. At Jeremy Widder Law, it is our goal to ease your concern by guiding you through the legal system and protecting your rights and future. Contact us today, so we can advocate for you when you need it most.


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